How I became Who I am

I recently wrote a reply letter to a lady who shared her story with me.  I could talk more about my conversion, but I had to keep it in one page.

# # #

I grew up surrounded by Buddhists and atheists.  My father was especially hostile against Christianity, and I picked that up from him.  I was a liberal atheist but I believed in freedom of religion.

When I first came to the U.S. during high school years, I met some gossiping and judgmental Christians who mistreated me badly.  But I also met other nice Christians who cared and loved me no matter what.  Many things happened and I started reading the Bible to see what it really was.  Then my life hit rock bottom.  Everyday was agonizing, suffering from other people’s sins and my own share of guilt.  I wanted to die, but the prospect of hell never seemed more real at that moment.  I knew other religions would do nothing for me.  Then I finally understood why Jesus died on the cross—to save sinners like me who would be hopeless on my own.

I accepted Jesus.  I begged him to save me, to give me a second chance, to let me find a way to continue living in a cruel world.  I have heard many people’s testimonies that they had instant dramatic change.  My transformation took a long time probably because I was really ignorant about the whole Christianity thing.  Life was still hard and full of heartbreaks, but I did have new hope and strength to keep on going.

Long story short, because of God’s grace and mercy, I am able to live in peace and joy today.  And I have become a much better person because of the Holy Spirit.  There are still challenges in life and I get depressed here and there.  But I know no matter what happened on earth, He sees everything.  He takes care of me and has blessed me in many ways.  He has a plan for me, and His plan is always the best.  The Bible is the source of wisdom and comfort.  Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Masterpiece: Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3

I love the sound of organ.  It started with the beautiful hymns performed by a college music professor at the first church I attended.  The majestic sound of organ glorified God so well.  I loved singing with the organ (although my own voice was horrible).  The doxology often moved me to tears.

I had since tried several churches with vastly different musical styles after graduating college and leaving my beloved college town.  From rock concert, pop music performance, hybrid of traditional and modern, to a cappella.  My favorite is still the organ.  But organ is a thing of the past, at least in the context of church music.  Even churches with organs are turning to modern music.  I know I probably will never be able to experience the same thing again.

Anyway, today my local radio station played a great performance of Saint-Saëns’s Symphony No. 3, the Organ Symphony.  I loved every second of this performance.

Meanwhile, here is a YouTube version of the final movement.